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Welcome to our website update!

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Welcome to the new ehome av website. We have given the site and the store a much-needed birthday!

You will find links to the many products that we support, including information on our pet product, Philips Dynalite automated light solutions. This comprehensive and dynamic product range gives us the freedom to explore lighting as a function of efficiency and convenience, and to also integrate with other systems to make life genuinely easy.

ehome av is home to the fabulous German-made prestige television brand METZ. These stylish award-winning units are built in-house utilising LED screen technology, and incorporate PVR recorder modules. The picture is truly breath-taking, and unlike most panel TVs, is a real alternative to the finesse of the old CRT screen.

Complimenting the METZ is the unique French CABASSE speaker range, featuring time-aligned coaxial drivers housed in very funky spheres. The inherent ability to broaden the listening sweet-spot means that you can place yourself almost anywhere in a room, and still get a terrific sense of detail and space in the music. The contemporary design hides the mechanical complexity that drives the brand’s success, and they can be worth choosing on looks alone!

Music storage and access today allows for the very convenient means of compressing and cataloguing all your music easily, but this can be at the detriment of sound quality. ehome av uses the magnificent OLIVE cd servers to fill the void, with this brand providing a loss-less native recorder with cover-art storage, web-based interface and multi-zone capacity. These devices deliver upper-order musicality for the more discerning music-lover, whilst giving the easy access we want today.