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Philips Dynalite designs and manufactures technology solutions for lighting control and building automation applications. Initially developed for large-scale projects, Philips Dynalite’s distributed intelligence system is equally suited to small installations. As an industry segment leader, their reputation as a provider of superior solutions extends to over fifty countries around the world.

eControl Systems provides a distribution, training and technical support service to the electrical industry, allowing electricians to design, on-sell and commission lighting systems with confidence and accredited competency.

Architectural Lighting

A lighting control system gives you the power to transform a space to suit any mood. Almost any environment can be enhanced; retail, hospitality, galleries, museums, themed venues, lecture theatres, boardrooms, ballrooms and more. Our reputation in the field of architectural lighting control is second to none. From simple preset scenes to complex integration, Philips Dynalite is the first choice for many of the world's major hotel groups. Some of the world's most iconic buildings and landmarks feature Philips Dynalite systems.

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Home Automation

There's so much hype about 'smart homes' and 'home automation', so what exactly do these terms mean? Generally speaking, home automation refers to anything that gives you control over the various technologies or 'sub-systems' found in your home; from the simple - security, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); to the slightly more advanced - home theatre, motorised curtains and blinds, reticulation systems and wireless PC networks.

A true 'smart' home should be intuitive and simple to use, meaning everyone in the family can operate and enjoy the experience. The result is a 'smart' system that enhances and simplifies your life and never complicates it. The real power and benefits of home automation are realised when you implement whole home control, giving you command of all the systems in your home with one simple touch of a button.


You pull into the driveway after work knowing that your security lighting automatically turned on at sunset, not only safeguarding your home, but providing you with enough light to guarantee a safe entry. You enter the front door with a week's worth of groceries, disarm the alarm and press a single button marked 'Hello' on the lighting control panel located by the front door.

With one button press you have lit a pathway to the kitchen - up the long hallway and past the living room - turned on the multi-room audio system to hear your favourite tunes and activated the air conditioner to set the house to the perfect temperature. Your home automation system does much more than provide safe's your key to comfortable and welcoming environment.?


You're running late, the dinner party started over an hour ago and you're the guest of honour! You like to be fashionably late but this is ridiculous.......the music is blaring and you've turned on just about every light in the house while getting ready. But you don't need to worry, as you head for the front door, arm the alarm and press the 'Goodbye' button on your Dynalite panel. You continue to the car, knowing that behind you the house lights and music have turned off and the blinds and curtains closed. Of course, the security lighting stays on (who knows what time you'll be home?) and even simulates occupancy by switching lights on and off in different parts of the house at varying times.


It's late and you're starting to nod off reading a good book in bed. The kids have gone out and left the TV and lights on downstairs.......again! No need to get up, just press the 'Goodnight' button on the control panel located at your beside. The home theatre shuts down, the downstairs lights are turned off and the lights in the master bedroom dim slowly to off, allowing you time to settle in for a restful sleep.

Oh and don't worry about the external security'll stay on all night so the kids can get in safely, then automatically switch off 5 minutes before sunrise ensuring you don't waste energy or money. 


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Energy Management

A sophisticated lighting control system can provide significant cost savings. A variety of control methods present a solution to suit any setting, ensuring that energy is not consumed unnecessarily, while providing the user with complete flexibility and control over their environment.

For more information, download our Office Lighting Energy Management brochure below. Philips Dynalite automation solutions are found in a multitude of environments from office towers to scientific laboratories, to sports fields and stadiums.


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